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Online casinos are gaining in popularity since 1990. It s
a huge, unstoppable boom and day to day more people are trying their experiences in online casinos. For example, The Party Poker Company had 4,3 million online Player in 2005 with a turnover of 550 Euro! In 2006 the entire online gambling industry had a turnover of ~12,5 Billion USD. The most liked online games are roulette (65 %) Blackjack/Poker (15%) Slots (15%) and 10 % other games like Craps, Baccarat, Bingo etc.Another good example for this boom is Macao. The turnover in 2010 has been raised to 57,8 % to 23,5 Billion US Dollar. Thats a quadrupled turnover since 2005That sounds amazing, but the Problem is, this online casino boom have also attracts fraudsters The number of unscrupulous casino websites has also raised the last years. One of the biggest problems occurs after the scammers have made their money. There is no chance to get the money back. Well then?

The solution

There is a need for a neutral website without any subjective interests. For example is such a website where
online casino players and those who want to be in future can rate and review online casinos.

For the most people interested in casinos,
for sure "googling" was the first contact point to find the supposed best online operators. Today are thousands of online casino websites available online which advertise for online casinos. However, these are not particularly objective, because the website operator advertises for the website from which he gets the highest provision. Therefore, it is difficult to trust these ratings... In too many forums you can read about frauded users... Well then?

You need a website with reliable casino player reviews. Certainly you
should trust other players, their reviews, ratings and experiences. Of course, player reviews cannot guarantee 100 % satisfaction, but that is unquestionable the best indicator to be advised by the truth about this online casinos.

On are
almost two hundred online casino operators and poker rooms listed. Every user can use this website and it is no registration required to rate an online casino. If you want to rate a casino without registration, your review needs to wait for approval because of spamming reasons. The rating can be done in form of rating stars from 1/10 up to 10/10 or with self writed review. You can also comment other reviews. For example, if you want to agree or disagree a rating of an other user.

As a registered User on
AGR you can save online casinos and online poker rooms to your favorites, review them and manage your casinos and reviews easily. If you want, you can also get all promotion offers by email. So you wont miss bonuses again. For sure, you can unsubscribe anytime.

An other features is the online casino comparison. You can
compare the online casinos and poker operators based on player reviews and feedbacks in one view. For example the currencies, excluded players, withdrawal and deposit methodsand other details.


search new online casino operators, can help you to find the best websites for you, because you get trustable online casino and poker ratings and feedbacks from other gambler. But also with the option to check the casino operators on AGR you should have an open eye in complaint forums or other websites.

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detailed information about reliablecasino playerreviews, ratings and experiences.